Cold star how to dress matching Canada Goose makes you cold

“Cold Star”, a claim against considering the absolute low temperature coat called a necessary article.

Zhengshuang after the explosion a thin film, wearing a Canada goose warm ~

Eat this Amway! Founded in 1957, Canada national treasure brand Canada Goose, transliterated are Canada geese, called the fighter in a down jacket have been the subject of Canada respected and adventure enthusiasts, if you want a very warm jacket, Canada Goose is a wise choice.

Recently, the Canada Goose has invited Oscar award of Canada Director Paul Haggis (Paul Haggis) directed a 4 minute advertising video clip-“Out there (there).”

Clips are from real people, describes the five explorers adventure stories in the harsh Arctic environment, after being chased by bears, plane crash,Canada goose Outlet falling into the Ice Cave and a series of challenges, Canada goose Parka sale of course, they all wear thick Canada Goose coats, it was so warm ~

Canada Goose winter powerful to even a few degrees below zero outside,Canada goose Online you wear a t-shirt, only one Canada goose is enough, which made “cold Star” listen Ah ~

Canada Goose Parkas main, Lightweight, Shells of three series, is the most classic Parka series, stars wear the most.

In 2013, the body hot supermodel Kate Upton in the snow in a bikini and a Canada Goose jacket, took a group of sexy cover large areas, from now on, cheap Canada Goose in the public eye more fashionable.

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